The Bourne Legacy

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3.5/ 5

Quick Stats

Genre: Action, Adventure, Mystery
Director: Tony Gilroy
MPAA Rating: PG-13
Actors: Jeremy Renner, Rachel Weisz, Edward Norton
Length: 135 min
Release Date: August 10th 2012
Studio: Universal Pictures
What We Thought

Good performances for an actioner, but the story is incoherent.

by Nick Rodriguez
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While walking into this film I asked myself “Do we really need this?”  How much of the first three films do you really remember? If you answered, not much. That’s how much you will remember this one.

Here, we are informed Jason Bourne is still on the run. But, back at the ranch (well, actually the wilds of Alaska) another injected super guy, Aaron Cross, is running low on meds. Rebounding his way into a fellow soldier’s camp, Aaron finds himself in the midst of an assassination. And if you think that’s bad, wait till you see what’s going on back at headquarters, where Cross and the rest of the big guys check in for check ups.

Somehow (remember “how” really doesn’t matter) Aaron gets out of Alaska, into a car and apparently a bunch of money, and shows up just in time to rescue the doctor whom he thought was cute, just as she is getting the crap kicked out of her by government types.   And off they go, Cross and Dr. Not-so smarty pants, trying to get half way across the world to use her key card to swipe their way into a sister lab and get Aaron his blue pills. Or some other concoction that will keep him buff, brave and brilliant.

The lack of cohesion is surprising here, considering the man behind the story, Tony Gilroy, wrote the other chapters of the Bourne saga. I liked Jeremy Renner as Cross, who brings as much back story as he possibly can to the otherwise perfunctory proceedings. Rachel Weiss does the same in the thankless role of “the girl”…I mean, the supremely intelligent Doctor who gave up bragging about her research to serve her country. Fans of the previous three films will feel right at home, but there really is nothing all that special to see here for newcomers.

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